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Our story

Communion dresses over the years at Little Folk…

Customers very frequently tell us that their son or daughter are the second generation or occasionally the third generation of their family  to come to Little Folk for their Holy Communion outfit.

We are particularly proud of this tradition,  so we thought it might be interesting to remember the fashion changes that have contributed to how families celebrate this very special and inclusive family occasion  which is the celebration of First Holy Communion, and how that has changed over the years.

Little Folk first opened its doors in 1968, so this October we will celebrate its 50th birthday.

Both Little Folk, the Liberties where we are based, and Ireland, have changed a lot in that time, and we have adapted to keep up with the changes in styles.

In the 1960s/70s the Liberties and in particular Meath street, and Thomas street, were the heart of a shopping area that included the South Inner city and adjacent suburbs. At the weekends the streets were thronged with people , complete with the ever present, shopping  trolleys.

The liberties to-day have a totally new identity as the vibrant, always on the move new /old face of Dublin. For more information visit www.libertiesdublin.ie

In the 1970s communion dresses were mostly  knee length, but some customers preferred a full length skirt.

Lace was very popular frequently with matching motifs on the skirt,  also for a time french pleated skirts were popular, which lent an air of elegance to the ensemble.

The communion dresses frequently had an elaborate ornamental bodice.

Little Folk’s customers appreciated detail and good design, as many were highly skilled in the clothing trade, working in what was then a large and very successful local clothing industry.

Most of the girls also had a coat to complement the communion dresses. The most popular colours for the coats were either rose pink or blue. Navy velvet was also popular.

Headresses were usually simple with white petals and an attached veil. Separate tiara and veil became more popular  in later years, with the veil frequently reflecting the design on the communion dress

To complete the communion outfit, shoes were  usually white, but some customers choose black patent which could afterwards be used as a school shoe.

Boys communion outfits reflected what was popular in men’s fashion. So those with somewhat longer memories might remember how velvet was the must have fashion fabric for the well dressed young man. Velvet suits in brown, navy and wine were popular for a time. The fashion then switched to navy blazers usually with white or cream trousers and matching shirt tie or cravat.

In more recent times for the boys communion, a three piece suit with matching shirt and tie is very much in demand.

Little Folk has a long and proud tradition of providing our customers, both those coming to us for the first time and old friends, with innovative ranges of First Communion wear that provide a backdrop to this most important family occasion.

Our new ranges of First Holy Communion dresses will be in store from Mid November 2018.